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We welcome submissions from our readers and others. Let us hear from you.

Make life easier for us—
You may send articles to us as emails to editor@letsdancemag.net, emails with files attached or as copy sent by standard mail.

We will format and size your copy to the magazine format.

If you send us articles as copy in an email, please don’t use the “enter key” unless you are at the end of a paragraph. It makes more work for us if we have to remove them and leaves some question about just where the paragraph ends.

If you send copy as an attachment, please be advised that we cannot open Mac  and Apple files or Word Perfect files. We can use Mac/PC MS Word and Works. If you have a Mac or Apple, copy your article to email text and we can copy and reformat that.

If you submit articles as hard copy via mail, it should be typed on white paper so that we can scan it and convert it to computer type.

We can accept handwritten copy that is legible. We will keyboard it, but doing so introduces the possibility of errors. Your editor is not a particularly good typist.

We also welcome photos, either as film prints or digital photos. Photos should be sharp, with good detail. Prints should be the larger process size. Four by six usually works. Prints should be on smooth paper—not linen or silk finish! Digital photos should be at high resolution—at least 2.5 mega pixels.

Choose carefully which photos you send to us, identify the people in them unless they are of a crowd, identify the event and the date. It may be obvious to you when and where it is but it’s not to us!

If sending digital files, do not send every picture you took! We do not open files of large numbers of pictures.

Taking photos
Taking photos of dancers can be difficult—they won’t hold still! There are a few things we can do to help. I find that I have to take a lot of pictures to get a few good ones. Get close to people or use a telephoto lens to bring you closer, take from in front and try to get action. If taking from a distance with a long lens, use a tripod if possible. Be aware of the comfort of the dancers—do not use a flash right in someone’s face or obstruct the flow of dancing. If using a flash, take shots at an angle to the dancers, or better yet, from slightly above.