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Editor Gary Anderson
Your editor is one of many returnees to folk dancing. Like many others, I danced when I was in school and for a little while after. In 1997, after a 45-year absence, I re-entered the folk dance community. (I met my wife-to-be, Irene Croft and gave up square dancing.)  We usually dance two or three nights a week. We attend the Albany Y Folk Dancers, we often go to Marcel Vinkour’s dances, we have an Advanced Balkan class at Ashkenaz (with guest teachers) and we attend other events in the area.

The editor of the magazine is an appointed position and I thank Loui Tucker for re-appointing me this year. An important part of being editor is the wonderful support that we receive from those who submit articles and letters. We thank them, one and all!

Regular contributors
We are most fortunate to have dedicated, talented people interested in writing about folk dance and sharing their writings with Let’s Dance!

Loui Tucker: Loui is now President of the Folk Dance Federation. Loui has given us many thought provoking articles in the past and will now also contribute her desires about the Federation. Welcome Loui!
Email loui@louitucker.com. Website: www.louitucker.com.

Eileen Kopec: Eileen writes "Eye on Dance by Eileen" Eileen has written many articles for Let’s Dance! magazine and has a lively and friendly style. Her email is: Email eisiedancer@gmail.com.

Marion Rose: Marion is the membership chairman. Marion keeps track of the membership list, collects dues and reports new members to Let’s Dance!

Laila Messer: Laila has brought the magazine many articles and has written many herself. She had been consistent in her support of folk dancing and the Federation. She is currently involved in family dancing. If you want to become involved, email her at tspolaris1@aol.com.

Kay James: Email kay.james@comcast.net and Eileen Kopec: Email eisiedancer@gmail.com do assignment writing for us. They give us a sensitive and personal look at the events and people in folk dance.

Dance descriptions
Various dance teachers who report to Cricket Raybern, lrayel@aol.com chairman of the Dance Committee, write the dance descriptions.

Web sites of particular interest
Permission should be received before using any material from online sources.

Footnotes, the magazine of Folk Dance Australia has many interesting articles. Its magazines are online through the December 2003 issue. They do excellent research on various ethnic groups. Maureen Petherick is the editor and we thank her for making her material available to us. Web: www.geocities.com/Vienna/4677/Footnotes.

Liz Mellish and Nick Green: This is a web site that offers extensive research on Romania and Bulgaria, plus other information. They have histories of the movement of ethnic peoples through the Balkans, plus lots of costume photos. Very interesting website. We are grateful for their permission to use their research. Web: www.Eliznik.co.uk.

Editor Gary Anderson, right,
with wife, Irene Croft